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Connect with millions of Chinese consumers and grow your business.

Chinese visitors spend more than $12B in Australia every year. We help businesses connect with these consumers by providing a fast, simple and cost effective way to get started with WeChat, the most popular social networking platform in China.



Swiftchat makes registering and setting up a WeChat account for your business fast, simple and cost effective.


Quickly register a WeChat account for your business online in just a few minutes. No wasting time going back and forth with agencies or middle men.


Register, set up and manage your WeChat account end-to-end through a simple online interface. No confusing paperwork, ambiguous requirements or complex processes.


Deal with an Australian company and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is secure. No submitting your data through insecure forms or foreign intermediaries.

Cost Effective

Swiftchat removes the time and cost of using intermediaries, saving you thousands of dollars in wasted time, service and administrative fees and mark-ups.

Is your business WeChat ready?


Get started with WeChat.

Swiftchat is the fast, simple and cost effective way to register, setup and manage a WeChat Official Account for your business.


Register a WeChat Official Service Account for your business in just a few simple steps and enjoy hands off application processing and management.

Set Up

Customise your business WeChat profile and add menus, pages and content to your WeChat account using optimised templates and translation.


Quickly and easily update your profile, menus and pages, create, schedule and post articles, and respond to user messages.

Reach more customers with Swiftchat!